Maria L.
"This fitness program has been amazing for me. A co worker introduced me to this concept and I am so Glad she did. I started having issues with my knees late summer of 2013. My right knee started retaining fluid and mobility was very difficult basically on that knee. Discomfort and pain was keeping me from being active I started therapy at Emory and after 6 weeks I had begun to see improvement. Within 2 months my left Knee started to show signs of discomfort and fluid retention. I was giving advice to start chiropractic adjustments for my back and I did see some improvement but the problem was still there. Once I started The Exercise Coach August of 2014 my life started to change slowly and now I am feeling like I did 15 years ago. I would recommend this concept to everyone, having strength once again, being able to be free of joint pain and have the desire to become active once again for me its like winning million dollars. Thank you to all the staff that have helped me through this past months to the point I am today!! Maria Ladikos (in my late 50s)"
Mary D..
"The exercise program at The Exercise Coach was just what I needed to work my way back to a healthy lifestyle. Each workout is personalized and tailored to my own abilities. Every visit, Patrick provides me with the encouragement and motivation to improve my strength and fitness. After 4 months, my doctor was so pleased to see measurable improvements in my overall health. I am feeling great, and am so excited to continue on my path to better health, fitness, and strength with the help and guidance of The Exercise Coach."

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